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Mr Chris Turner


Mr Chris Turner - avatar disabled
Posted: 19/09/2021 10:27:45

Where would you advise to get a Medical Supplies and Equipment?  

Mr Edward Parrish


Mr Edward Parrish - avatar disabled
Posted: 19/09/2021 15:04:25

Hello everybody. I am considered disabled, but I love my cane! I especially enjoy changing Hurrycane feet so easily once or twice a year. I love the balance these three feet from The Hurrycane give me. I advise you to read more about them here . In the meantime, my cane is in the corner, waiting to be used. Not only useful, but also beautiful.

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Mr Eddie Crock


Mr Eddie  Crock - avatar disabled
Posted: 20/09/2021 18:50:18

It depends on what you mean by equipment. Is healthcare app included as equipment? I found great blog about creating healthcare app on, and I have to say I wouldn't want to work on it with anyone else after what I've read. 

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