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Mr Rob Ress


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Posted: 13/04/2018 20:36:13

Marijuana seeds of the highest quality you can find in the store . This store offers seeds that are mainly fresh. This is their main feature. See how many types of seeds you can get in this store.

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Mr John Staples


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Posted: 18/01/2021 13:44:11

Personally, I don't really like buying marijuana seeds because it is a lot of hassle. For me personally, it is much faster to order ready-to-smoke marijuana from dispensary west hollywood
These guys are always selling great products. I am their regular customer and I am completely satisfied with everything!

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Mr Andrew Ageratir


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Posted: 21/09/2021 14:00:17

Hemp is an annual plant belonging to the hemp family. In total, botanists distinguish 3 main types of it:seeding;indian;weed.  

Mr Andrew Ageratir


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Posted: 22/09/2021 10:47:30

This plant is used not only to achieve a narcotic effect but also in medicine to treat life-threatening diseases and in some industries. I have been recommended several times on the site ; order several different varieties and try it. I have a pretty lousy psyche, and now I'm treating it this way.

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Mr loyed smith


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Posted: 29/09/2021 10:26:30

Personally, I dislike purchasing marijuana seeds since it is time-consuming and inconvenient. slope game 

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