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Mr Chris Turner


Mr Chris Turner - avatar disabled
Posted: 18/09/2021 22:54:42

Who can tell me about the hr block company, because it is very important for me to know if they have support?  

Mr Edward Parrish


Mr Edward Parrish - avatar disabled
Posted: 19/09/2021 01:24:37

Hello everyone. You've heard that applying for a quick refund of your taxes from H&R Block does not affect your credit score. I myself would never have believed it if I hadn't read about it here . It turns out that you can go to the H&R Block office in person or use the online prequalification process. Go to the website and enter the relevant information. Your eligibility for tax refunds is decided by the B of I Federal Bank, which determines whether you qualify for a zero interest loan. There is no charge for this.

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